Yelp Law Enforcement Reviews of Arizona Law Enforcement

Every so often rumors spread about the bad conditions within Arizona prisons and jails.  Many times these rumors spread because our friends made a few bad decisions and have taken a “tour.”

But the user review site Yelp has opened the door to the inner world of jails and prisons.  Like restaurants and concert venues, jails and law enforcement departments are now open to review.

Here are a few from the 4-star Tent City:

In 2010, Frank A. said: “It’s hot, but the food ain’t bad.” He gave it 5 stars.

Daniel B. didn’t have the same view.  “I was severely mislead by Frank A’s … review.  It was very cold and by far the worst food I’ve ever eaten.  You would have to drag me here in cuffs to get me to return.”

The reviews for the city police departments reveal people’s true feelings about the Valley’s best.

Stephanie K disliked the Tempe Police Department’s DUI investigation standards.  She didn’t like the inconvenient nature of the investigation.

Diego appreciated the officer’s choice to use nylon ties over handcuffs and the nice clean back seat of the police car.

One reviewer provided a practical tip for those facing jail.  The intake cell of Madison Street Jail facility, like many jail intake facilities, have open toilets in the holding tank.  “Bathroom performance anxiety becomes even more difficult when you’re surrounded by inmates and you’ve been drinking all night.”  Best to “plan ahead” if you can.