What is the Arizona Move Over Campaign?

It’s illegal to not move over or slow down when a law enforcement official has pulled someone over to the side of the road.  This law seeks to protect officers and suspects that are in a vulnerable position during traffic stops.  Overall, it is a perfectly reasonable and straightforward, if little known, law.

However, that law was expanded last year to apply to tow trucks, highway workers, stranded drivers, and other cars with flashing lights.

Though these rules seem reasonable, these individuals are legitimately in a vulnerable position, there is a serious limitation to their effective application: the public is predominantly unaware of the law.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has launched the “Move Over” campaign to educate motorists, the risk still remains that many drivers will remain unaware of the law.  But, under the campaign, law enforcement is only issuing citations Mondays in March.

Such a limited campaign is unlikely to spur much public awareness.  Many motorists will remain unaware and put people at risk.  Further, police will be justified in stopping individuals when they refrain to follow this law.  The fine would be $180 and it could lead to a DUI investigation.

The lack of awareness couldn’t be used as a defense if a person was pulled over because they didn’t follow the law.

Though the law has good intentions it may bring a new set of highly dejected defendants.  If you have any questions regarding any laws, please do not hesitate to contact our office.  Our Tucson DUI lawyers and Tucson criminal defense attorneys are on call 24/7 to answer your questions.