Truth on the Internet

In a recent news stories it was suggested that laws will soon be introduced to make the internet more transparent.  Of course fraud has become commonplace on the internet.  It’s hoped that amending the CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act) would allow the nature of the internet to become more open and truthful.  Here are the two suggested amendments and how they would practically impact internet users:

1.  Using real birthdates

This proposal aims to insure people actually have the ability to agree to things on the internet.  If this passes, new content age checks may be put into place.  The suggestion would make lying about your age a federal crime.   No longer will a disproportionate number of users have been born on January 1st.


2. Reduce user liability for breaking a website’s terms of service (TOS)

This proposal would allow people that didn’t know the requirements of a website’s TOS to avoid as drastic liability. It’s hoped that would spur more clearly written TOS that would more effectively put people on notice of their responsibilities. Even more reason not to read the super long TOS websites require you to agree to.

There was a third that was proposed by one of the more “candid” government experts.   Entering your real weight in online dating profile.

In support, the expert stated “This should already be a law.  People are trying to find love, not overweight liars.” Though possibly crude, it would have a significant impact on making the internet a more truthful place.