The Most Disgusting Law of the Year

Hunger is an ever growing problem in the world even in the United States.  To combat hunger the Montana State Senate voted to allow residents to harvest animals like elk, deer, and moose killed by vehicles on the road.  Full disclosure, that sounds revolting.

Individuals seeking to collect the road kill would need to have a permit from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.  An individual with such a permit could collect the food for themselves or possibly donate it to those in need.   However, several food banks and charities have been adamant about their lack of desire to accept such “gifts.”

For some reason though lawmakers expect local Montana homeless people to be thrilled with the prospect of receiving the highest quality of potentially rotten road kill.

That’s not all.  A Democratic Senator, and former chairman of the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee, noted that he had not seen an indication of safety parameters within the bill.

But, safety is less of an issue if everyone can be fed.  Right?  Not so much.   Meat begins to spoil within hours.  Road kill isn’t typically harvested in a timely fashion.  On top of that, the “food” in question was killed by a car and left on a road.  These factors do not make for a safe food opportunity.

But, kudos to the Montana Senate for creating one of the oddest law proposals of the year.