How to Talk to Police Officers

People fear a lot of things.  Public speaking is always high on the list.  Fear of authority also lists high.  And whether it’s the fact you have anxiety or that you just committed several crimes, speaking to police officers can be stressful.

While people may practice for a presentation, most people don’t plan for the other stressful events of life.  But, the people with the most practice tend to do the best.  Absent starting an illicit lifestyle, most people only speak to police officers in an already stressful situation.

The following tips will help you from crippling in fear when speaking to the police. Well, at the very least make you seem confident in front of your sketchy friends.

Feel free to practice these tips in proportion to your relative criminal disposition.

Breath. Even count to ten. Really, just calm down.

You are in control of the conversation.  You have the choice whether or not to answer the questions.

Remember your rights.

You have constitutional rights and rights developed by the courts specifically to protect you.  The specifics of these rights can be rather vast.  Absent suspicion of criminal activity you’re secure.  If you get arrested you’ll be read your Miranda warnings.  If you get to that point, combine the warning and stay silent and get ready to find a lawyer.

Don’t let yourself be threatened.

If you feel uncomfortable, let the officer know that “Officer you are making me feel threatened.”

Feel free to answer questions, but think first.

Answer only as much as you’re asked.  The stop might be routine, so don’t assume you did something wrong.  Let the officer tell you if you did something illegal.

Be nice.

Police officers are treated poorly every day.  Imagine how uncomfortable you’d be if the majority of your conversations are with stressed and concerned just by your presence s an officer.

With practice and a careful legal lifestyle you’ll be able to have a conversation with a police officer like a normal human being.  But, if it turns south, feel free to contact our offices at (520) 461-1077.