The Future of the Criminal Evidence

This past week President Obama announced a ten-year study on the human mind.   The project, called the Brain Activity Map, would study the inner workings of the brain.  Scientists hope that it would lead to a better understanding of neurological disease.

But, it has been suggested that such a study could support an already growing trend of neuro-imaging in criminal cases.  In some criminal cases, attorneys will introduce brain scans to demonstrate mental degradation or irregularity.

The scans proposed by the White House would potentially go beyond demonstrations of mental damage.  They could break open society’s understanding of how the human brain works.

Once the government project is completed, it could have a dramatic impact on the future of evidence in criminal cases.  These scans could show whether an individual had a predisposition towards violence.  Though no brain scan could show that someone committed a crime, it would help support an argument that the person was or wasn’t inclined for criminal behavior.

Though these advancements are years from implementation, and even further from acceptance, it’s fascinating to consider how dynamic our legal system will become.

However, until then criminal defendants need an experienced and intelligent attorney to handle their case.  Consider contacting our firm so that we can find your best course of action.  Our Tucson DUI attorneys and criminal defense lawyers are on call 24/7 to answer your questions.