Common DUI Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Your Case

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases are quite complex and can be very confusing. There are certain loopholes in DUI offenses that must be understood and sorted out with the expert advice from professionals. In this article, we will highlight some of the most common DUI mistakes that can jeopardize your case.  Knowing such pitfalls and how to address them will help you in making an informed decision.

Not Taking the Charge Seriously

Lack of knowledge and understanding about the seriousness of a DUI case is one of the biggest blunders that you can make. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is generally regarded as a serious criminal offense. If you think it’s as simple as a traffic ticket then you are gravely mistaken. What may appear like a trivial offense can easily turn into a felony or criminal misdemeanor which can land you in jail!

Not Hiring an Attorney

You’ll have some crucial decisions to make in caseyou’ve been charged with a DUI offense. If you are not careful, a conviction will haunt you for the rest of your life. Failure to consult a DUI attorney is another huge mistake that you can make. It is not something that you can handle on your own even if you have the brains of a rocket scientist! You certainly don’t want to serve prison time and end up in a mess simply because you opted not to hire an experienced DUI attorney to handle your case.

Choosing the Wrong Attorney

If you’ve been arrested on grounds of DUI, a highly skilled attorney can get the charges dismissed or request an “in-office hearing” prior to the filing of the charges. This could spare you from appearing in court. In most instances, the outcome of your case will depend more on hiring the best possible DUI attorney instead of leveraging the law in your favor. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and conduct a background check by visiting the attorney’s website. There you’ll find all the pertinent details including his/her level of experience, education, etc. Finally, never choose an attorney based on fees alone. Hiring an inexperienced attorney just to save some money will do you more harm than good in the long run.

Not Showing Up for the Hearing

Failure on your part to show up for the hearing is yet another major mistake. You can’t ignore a serious criminal offense like DUI because the court is likely to issue a warrant of arrest, or have your license suspended. You wouldn’t want the police hauling you out of the office in front of your employees or co-workers. You’ll also regret the hassles of long commutes because your license has been suspended. Note that license hearing is a crucial aspect of a DUI case so you should avoid missing the deadline. In case you do miss it, then it would be virtually impossible to get your license back.

Talking Your Way Out of a DUI

This is not possible even if you don’t feel drunk and you believe that you are in the right frame of mind to clearly explain your side. For all you know, the police report can get distorted and you’ll appear like a slurring drunkard! Just be polite to the officers and don’t let them coerce you into talking, if they try. Stay firm and inform them that you are invoking your right to remain silent until your attorney arrives.

Pleading Guilty Without a Good Investigation

A lot of people plead guilty even without ample information regarding the consequences of their plea. If you plead guilty to DUI, you can never really move on and put it behind you. Doing so won’t give your attorney a chance to scrutinize your case for possible slip-ups. The officers may have committed errors or there may be some discrepancies that can pave the way to the dismissal of your DUI charges. A seasoned DUI attorney can help in finding such errors. But if you immediately plead guilty, your attorney won’t be able to capitalize on these potentially solid defenses in your case.

Overall, it’s always better to refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but in the event that you have been charged with a DUI offense, it is a must to seek the expertise of an experienced attorney. Bear in mind that even small mistakes can jeopardize your case so contact the best DUI attorney as soon as possible.  Our experienced Tucson DUI lawyers are on call 24/7 to answer your questions.