Can You Sue Someone Who Aided In Committing a Fraud?

The AZ Supreme Court has unanimously agreed to throw out over 30 years of prior case history by ruling that individuals can no longer sue someone who aided in committing a fraud.

This would mean that victims of fraud would only be allowed to recover from the perpetrator of the fraud.

When someone finds themselves the victim of fraud they have limited options as to how to recover damages.  Before this ruling, these individuals could go after the main defrauder and go after other individuals or entities for their actions in supporting the fraud. This allowed victims to more often get recovery for the money lost in the fraud.

These other individuals are often a better target for the victim’s recovery.  Many fraudsters shift their money around to avoid liability.  Many times, these alternate individuals or companies house the defrauded funds.

Without the ability to target such companies, it is feared that victims will be unable to recover.  Though they may find justice in the criminal conviction of the individual who defrauded them, their chance of getting monetary relief would be limited.

Arizona has one of the highest rates of fraud in the United States.  Whether mail fraud, identity theft, personal injury fraud, a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi scheme, or any of the many types of digital fraud, people are becoming increasingly susceptible to fraud.

That’s why if you feel like you may have been a victim of fraud or another criminal matter you should contact our experienced Tucson DUI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys at (520) 461-1077.  Fraudulent organizations could capitalize on this and avoid liability and you need to be secure in your representation to insure you recover appropriately.