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phoenix dui lawyers explain why people don't report crimes

Phoenix DUI Lawyers Explain Why People Don’t Report Crimes

Phoenix DUI Lawyers Explain Why People Don’t Report Crimes Not important enough Though traditional society might find criminal behavior repulsive, some people have a higher tolerance.  Legitimately, some people value using all the take-one-give-one pennies at the store on the same level as taking all the money from the register.  When these people aren’t busy […]
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Truth on the Internet

In a recent news stories it was suggested that laws will soon be introduced to make the internet more transparent.  Of course fraud has become commonplace on the internet.  It’s hoped that amending the CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act) would allow the nature of the internet to become more open and truthful.  Here are […]
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Drug Breathalyzer Created by Swedish Scientists

Researches in Sweden announced that they can now detect marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and some prescription pills with the use of a breathalyzer. Please don’t panic recreational drug users and addicts. The breathalyzer in question has yet to become an industry standard.  But, it does represent a possible future tool for criminal investigation. The device, made […]
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How to Talk to Police Officers

People fear a lot of things.  Public speaking is always high on the list.  Fear of authority also lists high.  And whether it’s the fact you have anxiety or that you just committed several crimes, speaking to police officers can be stressful. While people may practice for a presentation, most people don’t plan for the […]
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Online Investigation Takes Down Cannibal Cop

A police officer in New York City was convicted for a litany of crimes associated with posts and searches he’d made regarding the potential kidnap and murder of several women including his wife. The details of this case are positively horrid.  But there is an underlying issue that is often overlooked because of the details. […]
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The Failure of Arizona Criminal Background Checks

Most people only think of criminal background checks when they’re applying for a new job or loan or to buy a weapon.  However, criminal background checks can be done, to varying degrees, by most anyone.  Consider consulting the following website to see how to request your record: For the cost of $18 and the […]
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