Arizona’s New Trespassing Law: Get Off My Lawn

Arizona has become more welcoming to crotchety old men.  A new Arizona law would make it illegal to be on private property without approval.

Under an old version of the law, it would have only applied to locations within 100 miles of the AZ Mexico border.  But, the suspected link to immigration brought conflict so the law was rewritten to apply to the whole state.

Under the current version of the law, a property owner can call the police and have them confront a trespasser.  If the trespasser refused to leave then they would face arrest.  Many people could benefit from not having to confront a suspected trespasser.  Your daughter’s boyfriend is waiting outside to take her on a date. Not anymore.

Here are a few ways the law could be used:

The stranded motorist

What a horrid sort of person!  They say their car broke down and need a place to wait for a tow truck.  They should have picked public property because they’re sure not going to be waiting in my yard.

The sales man

Quite frankly, this might actually be nice.

The girl scout

They may have glorious cookies but shame on them for attempting to enter my property with permission.  Maybe a short jail experience will teach them appropriate salesmanship tact.

Your neighbor

They want to borrow your clippers, or their house is on fire?  Tough luck, get off my lawn.

However, all joking aside, this law could have negative implications.  First, there is the social impact of being afraid of meeting your neighbor because they might have you arrested. Then, there is the high probability that individuals will make an assumption and call the police inappropriately.  Police resources are already limited and trespassing calls could take away vital officers from more serious crimes.

Hopefully, the implication of such a law would go over easily and result in limited problems.  We’ll keep an eye out, but if you find yourself being asked to leave someone’s property, you might just want to agree.  If you have any questions regarding this law or any other criminal law in Arizona please contact the experienced Tucson DUI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys of Ariano & Reppucci today.