Animal Abuse Separation

The Arizona House recently approved anti-animal abuse law that would forbid anyone living in the house with an animal abuser from keeping a pet for two years.

The current Arizona law has no provision stating that an animal abuser is forbidden from taking in an animal after their case. Further the law would require, upon conviction, that the abuser and the family/roommates transfer the pets to another residence or an animal rescue company.

The individual would be allowed to seek a new animal or access to their old animals upon showing good cause to the court that such rights should be restored. But, it would be after two years since the conviction.

But, it does not include a limitation on a convicted person working as a rancher or with horses on a commercial level.

However, there is a problem in that limited number of homes and shelters are often at capacity.  Though the abuser shouldn’t have access, it doesn’t mean the family or social unit couldn’t care for the animal.  Such a strict law could put shelters over capacity.

No one wants to see an animal hurt or a family broken.